Superficial Sensation

Superficial Sensation, 2018, A visual Essay 

The city through a series of Monuments / Moments / Materials 

It is the involuted process of construction, deconstruction and reconstruction that creates a palimpsest in the landscape. The remaining components of each layer or ‘past text’ can be observed through the architecture of the city, the politics of each age, memorials to the past and in reflection through public art. An urban palimpsest can also be a construct of the mind; the image of a specific location in the mind is an accumulation of knowledge, memory and emotion, each constructed landscape is inevitably different in each instance. Although, the construction of the landscape in the mind becomes an arduous task when one must form a whole image from a multitude of conflicting orders and clashing manifestos.

Hollie E. Marshall. (2018). Public Art In The Landscape Of Memories.

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